We love the Vixen II redesign that offers SFI 3.2/5 protection in a comfortable and stylish suit designed to accentuate curves and move with the racer. We began with the finest fabric interior and Shiny Twill outer layer. The Vixen II provides maximum protection from burn situations while at the same time delivering style and attention to detail. The design curves smoothly along the body shape with strategic darts, providing less bulk and a sleek silhouette. The front pockets lay flat and special attention has been given to the bust, waist and hip area, offering a proportion that is both desirable and wearable to our female racers.

Ebony Black with White Trim
Ebony Black with Pink Trim
Call for additional color options

Satin/Twill Satin Twill outer with soft knit ribbed interior

Vixen II Female Racing Suit STD.18


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