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Approximate ET's: 8.20 - 8.30's at sea level with approximately 350 pounds of total weight.  This engine is a great 8.90 engine for the heavy car and driver at higher elevations!


Some of this engines features are:

  • JR Race Car ZR billet block
  • 3.150" bore
  • Billet 0.507" lift camshaft
  • JRC hot coil
  • 4.225" billet connecting rod
  • Billet crankshaft (upgradeable to 1" dia. journal)
  • 27" 3-stage coated header
  • 33mm Mikuni carburetor

ZR3 Stage 9 Racing Engine

SKU: ZRE-5000
GST Included |
Please call to confirm Price and ETA
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